​​ Q1. What level should my daughter play?

   A1. There are many different levels starting with age. For elementary through middle school there           are T-ball (ages 5-7), 8u, 10u, 12u, and 14u teams. The "u" stands for under, so 14u is for ages 14         and under.  A players age is determined by her age on January first of that year. For example if         your daughter turns 13 on January 2nd or later she can play on a 12u or older team but if she           is 13 on or before January first she must play on a 14u or older team.  Players can play up               levels, but they cannot play on a team less than their age.   There are also skill levels inside of         each level, the skill levels are indicated by "A", "B" and "C". C-level teams are our recreational             just for fun and to skill development teams. B-level teams are more competitive teams which           may play in B-league and a few tournaments or just tournaments. A-level teams are the most           competitive teams, they only play tournaments typically on the weekends.

Q2. What does the season look like?

   A2. Practices typically start after spring break. (Late March or early April). League games start in             late April or early May and run through mid June.  Competitive teams (A and B-level) practices

        and games may start earlier and will play games through summer and into Fall Ball.

Q3. What about practices?

   A3. Practices are at local fields and set by HVSA and the volunteer coaches collectively, with                   Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday practice. Fields are limited by availability,

        most teams practice 2-3 times a week before games start. Two of those practices are usually           during the week and possibly a weekend practice. Once games start, they will be

        played on the same nights as practice.  

Q4. General league game information?

   A4. All league games are scheduled to start at 6:30pm Monday through Thursday. Each team will be         either a Monday/Wednesday team or a Tuesday/Thursday team and will play games those                 days. Games will be played at local fields as well as away fields.  Usually 1 home and 1 away             game per week. Games may not follow the above guidelines if games need to be

        made up (Due to rain, not enough players or other reasons). In these cases make

        game dates and times will be decided by the two head coaches and the availability

        of fields. The rules of league game are based on ASA rules with modifications set forth by                 CCGSA. CCGSA rule modifications can be found here

Q5. What about tournaments?

   A5. Tournaments are on a team by team bases. It is up to each team to schedule and pay for the             tournaments they will play in.

Q6. Umpires

​   A6. Umpires are used in 10u and up games. The league makes every effort to schedule a youth or           adult formally trained referee for each game, however, due to the large volume of games                 played throughout the county, some games will not have paid umpires available and a parent           volunteer may be sought. Parent/coach volunteer umpires are needed more often with the               younger or  'recreational' level teams than with the older or  'competitive' level teams.  Umpire           training is offered by Clackamas County Sports Officials Association during the early part of the         season and individuals interested in becoming a paid referee are always sought by CCSOA.               Click here for contact info.​​

 Q7. What do the registration fees include?

  1.  Numbered HVSA jersey and HVSA visor
  2. ​  Player ASA registration
  3.   ASA registration and background check for all coaches
  4.   Practice and game equipment (Practice and game balls, tees, equipment bags, etc.)
  5.   Field use fees
  6.     Home game umpire fees

Q8. What equipment will my player need?

  1.   ASA approved bat not listed on the non-approved list.
  2.  Helmet that meets NOCSAE standards with attached face mask meeting NOCSAE standards.
  3. ​ Glove
  4. ​ Bag for all of their gear (Optional)
  5.  Cleats (Optional)
  6.  Batting Gloves (Optional)

Q9. My daughter is only 4 years old, can she play this year? 

     A9 - If they will turn 5 by May 1 they will be allowed to play with HVSA.


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